Coming October 4th To 8th

Smokerz Wild

For the ultimate cigar smoking experience. You don't want to miss this event.
Y'all smoking or nah...

Dallas Cigar Week

Mission Statement

Every idea starts with a problem and every problem has a solution. The problem presented to Cigar enthusiast's and Aficionados of the Dallas Metroplex is the omission of a yearly event that promotes local cigar business owners and vendors. SMOKERZ WILD would like to introduce DALLAS/DFW CIGAR WEEK which will present an opportunity to support local businesses and vendors alike while engaging with DALLAS ELITE, business owners and visitors from around the globe.
If there is one statement that can be made about the intent of DALLAS/DFW CIGAR WEEK, it is to bring out a diverse and collective group of individuals that enjoy the concept of "Living Your Best Life". This most definitely includes enjoying a top-quality cigar among great company in appealing atmospheres in and around the Dallas Fort Worth area.


Dallas Cigar Weekis being presented to offer an opportunity for your company and organization’s alike to support a worthy cause with the ability to participate in an annually held event that the city of Dallas and surrounding areas can embrace the culture of the area's finest cigar aficionados. You will be engaging with some of DFW’s elite, business owners and visitors from across the globe. We have established partnerships with some of Dallas’s brightest and influential innovators to make this experience one to be storied and marveled for years to come.


  • 9 exclusive cigar events over 5 days
  • Brand awareness for vendors/businesses
  • Targeted market of inspired customers
  • Support of a great charity
  • Attendance expected: ~1000 to 1500
    guests over the course of 5 days

Meet And Greet Party

Welcome, come and enjoy a wonderful central Dallas location with lot of Flare and Pizzazz

Cigar Night Life

We would like to show you all of what North Dallas has to offer, so join us in Addison!

Day Party to get you stared...

Night Party to wined you down...

You know they saying, Everything is Big in Texas, well that includes the night shy!

Red River Smoke And Chill

Let's get down with some good old rivalary football with a Watch Party like no other!

Can you say...HE Smokes, SHE Smokes and WE Smokes

Let's celebrate the Planet Earth with our HERF TONE COLORS DRESS CODE!

The Game Of The Week

The Ultimate Block Party

Now I know we had a Rivalary on Saturday, so let's continue with that theme and have a Classic Rivalary of the Ages!

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